With us, you don’t need to part with any large sums of money.

The “Help 2 Buy Plan” is for people that are looking for a new boiler for a range of reasons without parting with loads of their hard earned savings.

Hundreds of boilers available

We want to make sure you get the new boiler that you need, we’ve got many options available ensuring we can get the right one for you.

Increase the value of your home

With the heating system in your home playing a major part in your EPC Rating, you can rest assured that your property value will always increase through the installation of a new boiler.

Reduce your heating bills drastically

As you can imagine, an old boiler having to work a lot harder will use up a lot more energy than a brand new A rated boiler, you can save as much as £200 a year on your heating bill.

Complete our easy funding checker to see how much you could receive.

    What’s the Criteria?
    • You must be a homeowner.
    • You must be Employed, Self-Employed or Retired.

    Check out what people are saying

    “You guys have been absolutely great every step of the way, its really easy to go online and find everything out from your website, and every step of the way through to the installation, I felt I was with a professional company.”

    Lynn Davey


    “My wife and I we’re looking for a new boiler as our old one had conked out. I came across you guys and it seemed quite easy, compared to phoning round to find someone good, so I thought why not, and everything was a lot easier than doing the hard work myself.”

    Frank Scott


    Why use Help 2 Buy Boilers

    You shouldn’t have to miss out on making energy efficient improvements to your home just because you think you cannot afford them. With the new help to buy scheme we confidently guarantee you will not find a more cost effective solution for new boilers.

    Don’t be fooled by cheap boiler installations, all companies we work with our vetted by us to ensure they only install quality boilers.

    What Options Are Available?

    Option 1: Boiler Funding (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

    A select few UK based installation companies working with the Help2Buy Boiler scheme have access to funding options designed to help homeowners have access to a new boiler that would otherwise be unaffordable to many.

    Using funding options, you can spread the cost of a new boiler and eliminate the need to part with any large sums of money, many of these funding options require absolutely no upfront costs.

    Your needs will be assessed on a case by case basis to ascertain the level of funding required to obtain a new boiler for your property.

    Option 2: Best 4 Less Guaranteed ©

    For homeowners looking to purchase a new boiler, with Best4Less we confidently guarantee you wont find a better quality and value boiler at the same price anywhere else.

    By us dealing straight with the manufacturer, we can cut out the typical wholesale & retail costs of buying a new boiler. This results in thousands of pounds saved.

    Each time products change hands they have a mark up added to them, by the time your boiler reaches the installation company, 40% could have been added onto the price of the boiler by the wholesale suppliers, we eliminate this by only working with the very largest manufacturers in the country.